Sunday, September 19

Pregnancy update and other things.

The last two weeks have been INSANE for us!

1. Stud Muffin has been away for a 6 week training and he finally graduated last Thursday (Sept 9)! I was so proud of him and his commitment over that time period. I know it was extremely difficult to be away from his family for so long and we certainly missed him!! On top of the pressure of being away from home for 6 wks, he was busy doing homework every night {to include 20+ pages of reading a night, 3 speeches, several papers and even more tests}, community service tasks, and he volunteered for the flag team where he was responsible for retreat and revillie. He even had the honor of being a part of the POW/MIA ceremony at his graduation dinner. I was so excited to be able to attend his graduation dinner and honor his accomplishment.

And then that night he surprised me with a room at the Broadmoor Hotel and we had a wonderful time away, just the two of us! Little Lady got to have a fun sleepover with some friends who are like family to us. :D

This was the view from our room:

Let's just say this place was WAY out of our league but it sure was fun to live in luxury for just one night. I don't think I could take more than that of some one always opening the doors and carrying your bags.

2. The second big thing this past two weeks was we, Stud Muffin and I, both had to work for 4 days for an inspection our base was having {we are both in the Air National Guard}. This was difficult for me because I'm a stay at home mama and I love being with my baby girl! I was certainly glad to have that over with and now I have the next 3 months off while I have {and recover from having} this baby!

3. On Monday I woke up feeling nauseous and actually threw up several times during the day {one not so pretty time happened to be in the car, while driving} and then on Tuesday, same thing. On Wednesday morning I had thrown up 4 times and couldn't keep anything down for the life of me, not even taking Zofran would help. Not even clear liquids. I knew I was drying up and would need to get fluids ASAP. I called my OB office because I wanted to avoid going to the ER and having that charge if at all possible. 

When the OB finally called me back, she instructed me to go to the Labor and Delivery unit at the hospital and have IV fluids given to me. When I got there they hooked me up to the baby heart rate monitor and the contraction monitor. The baby was fine, but I was contracting, mostly because I was so dehydrated. They got a quick flowing IV hooked up and started pumping me with fluids as well as a good dose of Zofran. I finished one bag and they got a second one going. After the third bad had almost emptied and the contractions had pretty much subsided, they decided to release me. 

The nurse took out the IV and and got my release paperwork together and I got back into my street clothes. As the nurse was reading the paperwork to me I started to feel nauseous again and even got a few sharp pains in my stomach {not contraction pains}. I told the nurse and she asked me what I wanted to do. Since I had spent the last four hours sitting on a slab of rock they call a bed in the triage room, I just wanted to go home. {Keep in mind I had driven myself there. Stud muffin had stayed home with Little Lady}. She it was up to me and that she would get a wheelchair to take me down and out to my car. We proceeded to go down the halls of the hospital and I was praying I could make it home with out losing my stomach again.

We didn't make it. I moaned and she ran to the nearest door to get a bucket. I managed to hold it in until she returned but she turned the wheel chair back around and took me back to the L&D unit. Luckily she took me to an actual room where the beds are at least lightly cushioned... There I was put back on IV and given another dose of Zofran. My OB happened to be in {by this time it's 10pm} doing a delivery so she came in to check on me. She perscribed me some Ambient so I could sleep and she said she'd be back in the morning to see how I was doing. {My OB office is in the hospital.}

After they gave me the Ambient I was out! I remember a nurse coming in once to scan my arm band because they we giving me Pepcid through my IV. I had heartburn really bad from all the throwing up. I was wishing I could hook up an IV of that stuff at home since I've had heartburn this whole pregnancy! I didn't wake up til around 8:30 {which is sleeping in when I'm usually up at 6:30 with Little Lady!} and I felt really groggy. My Ob came in shortly after and said that I could try some clear liquids, slowly. As long as I could keep those down with out a hitch I would be able to go home, if not they would keep me until I was able to keep something down. So I had a little apple juice and some jello and then some chicken broth. I kept it all down so I finally was able to come home!! I just spent yesterday recovering and resting since Stud Muffin was able to stay home again. And today I feel so much better!

And that's about it for us {as if it wasn't enough ;P}

I'll post a 34 week update and Little Lady's 14 month update sometime this weekend.

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