Wednesday, July 13

Little Dude {9 Months}

*Sorry I've been MIA on here, I'll share more about that in another post.

It's that time again... No matter how much I wish my littles would stay little, it just doesn't happen!

Today, my Little dude, you are 9 months old! Wowzers!!

Eating sweet potatoes! Yummy!

I am loving watching you grow and am so glad you are a part of our family. Seeing you and your big sissy interact could just melt my heart every time. She loves playing with you and every time I bring you down after a nap she asks for me to put you in your exerciser so she can play with you! It's so cute. Most of the time you are up for it, but if you are hungry you usually cry as soon as I put you in there.

Most mornings you are up with the sun, if not before it. And bless daddy's heart, he is usually getting up with you since I usually get up with you all through out the night. And as soon as I get up and come down stairs you start kicking your legs and grunting or whining for me to come get you and feed you. If I do anything but come straight to you, you start crying and getting all worked up. We are working on teaching you, so most mornings you cry and get all worked up while I do something else for the first few minutes.

Here you are saying, "MOM, put down the camera! I'm ready for another bite!!"

I am noticing that you may have a problem with a short fuse. You don't take long to get worked up once you decide you want something and don't get it immediately. I know part of it is because you are a baby and patience isn't part of you understanding yet, but I am already committing your character to prayer, that the Lord will be able to mold you in to a patient man of God who is slow to anger. He can do that and I trust that He will.

You are a growing boy and sometimes I think the only thing you think about is eating!! We are still nursing which has been a little challenging since becoming pregnant, but I intend to nurse you to at least a year, as long as you still want to. And so far, you still want to! We have increased your feedings to twice a day now to help where my supply is lacking. And although you are developing a good pitcher grasp you are hardly interested in putting any finger food into your mouth. Even if we try to show you how to do it or put the food in your mouth, you just look at us with a "What in the world are you doing?!" kind of look.

Still no teeth. You have one new tooth! It's only just cut through the gums on the bottom but it's there!!

Still no crawling. But you have attempted to pull yourself up using larger toys or boxes. Not with success yet, but the desire to do it is there. Who knows, maybe will just skip this whole crawling thing all together! Even though I find myself complaining that you aren't crawling yet, it's been so much easier to sit you down somewhere and know that you will be there when I come back! Or not have to worry about what you are getting into... I know those days will come soon enough.

You grab and try to reach for everything in your sight. And you have a strong grasp. Sometimes it's even painful! But you are a curious boy and love to explore and study and look, touch and taste all new things. It never gets old watching a little one discover the world around them!

Your daddy, big sissy and I love you more than words could ever describe and we love having you in our lives! We can not wait to see what the next month and months to come have in store for you.

Happy 9 months, Little Dude!

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Colleen said...

Wow! Time does fly! He is so handsome!!!


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