Monday, July 18

Little Lady {2 years old}

Here we are. Your second birthday. I'm not sure how time has just slipped through my fingers, but here we are. You are quite the little lady, complete with a sweet heart and all!

It seems a coincidence that we were at the hospital today, where you were born, as I had to make a quick stop at the OB's office. It only intensified the rush of vivid memories of that sweet, sweet day you made your entrance into the world! For brief moments I found myself longing to be back there, just for the day, to relive the exact hours following your birth. The joy your daddy and I had from the minute we saw you can't be described in words. You are the bundle of pure bliss that changed our world forever!

And to see the precious little girl that you are becoming has only multiplied the bliss many times over! You are a strong, strong willed, confident, independent little person. You are exactly who God created you to be! I admire so much about who you are, a reflection of your Maker, and dream with great anticipation, the path He has before you. It is so exciting!!

I wish you the most wonderful 2nd birthday a little princess could ever have. But you must know, my sweet baby girl, that you are really the gift to us!!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Evalyn!


Sarena said...

I love your choice wording about longing to be back there just for the day...I notice you mentioned the hours after the birth you were longing for...not the whole delivery ;)

Nana said...

Waiting (im)patiently for pics, please.......:0) I had a blast and can't wait till we're together again! Ev, it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating your first year...and only the day before that you were born! I loved your spending your birthday with you-- having "pop pops" and going for "eye keem!" You and your lil bro are the loves of my life (and your "mamas" and "dadas" and uncles aren't too bad either!). Can't wait to meet itty bitty in Feb. C ya soon! Nana hugs and kisses...mwah!


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