Tuesday, December 20

Catching up

Sometimes I have to wonder why I even have a blog....

Just thought I would that out there. The lack of posts this month is a product of our stage of life! But there are so many things I want to record about this stage of life that it simply bums me out to not get it down and documented.

Oh well, not much I can do to change it now. We are in to our third full week of the new job, leaving the kids and I homebound for most of the day all week long. There are some great things about it and we are still working on our finding our groove. Maybe our groove will be to keep changing it up, like I have been ever so many days.

I am quite frankly a get out and do things kind of person. While that is a good thing for my most often melancholy disposition, it can be a way for me to 'run away' from the things I need to get done. {Enter over flowing laundry hampers, floors hidden by toys and toilets not fit for guests...} Not that I've just snapped into the roll of super-house-cleaner since our housebound lifestyle has begun. But it's easier to motivate myself to do productive activities that show for my day.

Although from the outward appearance my life doesn't look more organized that it was before, but I definitely feel a peace about our schedule and house hold. Not to mention the money we have saved! I am guilty of boredom/ "feeling down" shopping. I go to stores with every intention of "just looking around" but knowing full well that I am completely incapable of doing just that.

This Christmas season has probably been the most enjoyable that I've had in a long. I haven't been stressed about gifts or plans or expectations. Just going with what we feeling like doing when we want to and if we don't do something it's really going to be alright.

I'm looking forward mostly to my mama coming into town later this week, a Christmas eve spent with some friends we love and then Christmas day celebrating the birth of Jesus and experiencing the joy of the through my littles.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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