Tuesday, December 27

Christmas 2011

We started off our morning a little rough because Little dude's ear infection spiked a fever in him during the night so mama and he did not sleep much at all. But it was going to be such an exciting day so I got over it as quickly as I could  moped around for awhile, had some coffee and decided to choose joy for the day.

We went to our church for the Christmas service. We thought it was really special that it was on a Sunday this year! After we said hello to everyone we headed home and I let the littles open their stockings while everyone else got Christmas dinner ready. We also waited for some more family to arrive.

Once the roast was settled in the deep-covered oven dish, roasting something delicious, we decided to open gifts and then eat after. The first gift that was opened was the baby Jesus from our Nativity scene! It's a tradition we started this year and I hope that it gives them the visual of how Jesus is the gift we anticipate first and foremost. His birth into the world meant our Savior had arrived on the scene and He is the reason we even have anything to celebrate, because of His death on the cross we have the opportunity to spend eternity in the presence and glory of God!

Next we dove right in to opening gifts. Little Dude slept for most of it but he was able to tackle his pile once he woke up. He didn't seem to mind!

The rest of the day was spent playing, eating and just hanging out. We are so very blessed and I'm thankful to have available all that we do. I pray that we don't take that for granted this next year and remember those that need us to give of our abundance and even to sacrifice for others, the way our Savior did, making the ultimate sacrifice simply out of His love for all of us.

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas!

Merry Christmas with Nana!

I made the kids outfits and LOVE how they matched. :)

Saying 'Cheese!'

Listening to her recorded storybook of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and saying 'Cheese!'

She LOVES her Itty Bitty Baby she got and all of the accessories! 

Grammy was very excited about her gift and Little Lady was loving helping everyone open their gifts!

The necklace the kids got Nana for Christmas! She had to open her own oyster to get the fresh water pearl that was inside. :)

Trying on her 'Princess Gigi' outfit. She has worn the whole thing since she got it!

Looking through the 'Jesus Storybook Bible' we got for the kids.

After his nap. He was so excited about this one and of course it was the most twisty tied of all the ones he got...

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Dad said...

Sure wish we could have been there.  Hopefully next year!


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