Wednesday, June 6

Busy days

I can already tell this summer is going to be a busy one! Monday was a packed day, including a fun afternoon at the park as a family!!

The middle little is a yummy, adorable, melt-my-heart sweetie these days! He is growing up so fast and I'm trying to soak up this stage as much as I can. Before I know it, he will a full fledge boy and then on to manhood!

My littlest little is so cuddly, smiley and is starting to 'talk.' I really want to get the adorable facial expressions when he is having a conversation. I just don't want to forget it. :)

And my oldest little...

...well besides thinking she 2 going on 13... she will be going to "school" 2 mornings as week starting in the fall. We toured the preschool on Monday and she didn't want to leave! Little Dude was so cute and when he realized his sister was in the middle of a group of kids in a class singing songs, all he could do was try to get to her and kept saying 'Sissy back! Sissy back!' He pretty much adores her. :)

As busy as the days will be, I hope they are filled with days at the park, soaking up these littles, while they are still little!

Especially this 'big' little, she's growing up too fast!

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