Saturday, June 30


Last weekend we drove to visit my mom and we were quickly reminded of the humid, muggy heat that is the midwest! We were at Nana's house for 2 full days and we spent time at the pool both days! They recently remodeled their pool and it was a huge hit with Little Lady. She could have stayed there all day long.

Doesn't this picture just look refreshing! So hot lately :)

Love this girl! Only 18 days til 3 years old...

It was Itty Bitty's first time IN the pool. :)

Little L went down this slide at least 100 times! She loved it!

Brandon and I got to go on two dates, we played at a new discovery center in town and ate a few of our local favorite restaurants!! We had a wonderful visit 'home' to Nana's house.

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Nonny Nana said...

OK, just so people understand...we didn't actually EAT the restaurants--we ate AT the restaurants! :-D  And a fun time was DEFINITELY had by all!!


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