Friday, June 1

Little Dude {19 Months} OVER DUE!

Over due notice!! I really want to record him and what he's is saying and doing before it passes and he is 20 months!

Little dude of mine, you are such a ham.

Whether you mean to or not, you crack me up all day long! Sometimes it's completely on purpose and other times it's out of sheer cuteness and I can't contain my joy over the adorable little dude that you are.

When I was little, I would get so frustrated at my brothers because they could always get out of trouble by making my mama laugh when she was scolding or disciplining them. I have to try really hard not to do the same!!

You are still my sweet, tender hearted, gentle spirited child. It doesn't take much to correct you, most of the time. You certainly didn't get lucky enough to have the stubborn genes pass you by. I apologize! ; p
When you do get in to trouble and I correct you, you are pretty good about responding with "Aye mommy," your way of saying "Yes, mommy." And you have the whole Puss in Boots, innocent look that you do so well. Melts me every.single.time.

And just under a year ago you were wearing the same rash guard at the water park!
You are your sister's shadow. Everything she says and does, you are right behind her saying and doing the exact same thing. But I have noticed that you are breaking out of your shell more lately and want to do things your own way when you are playing together. Any time sissy is gone or still sleeping when you wake up you always want to know "Where sissy?! Where sissy, mama?!" I think you would be lost with out her. I hope you two grow up to be best friends, even in to becoming adults.

Some of the sweet things you are doing and saying that I want to remember right now:

~ You call yogurt "mo-gurt"
~ When you fall down you say "Ouch, hurt, really really hurt." {From Yo Gabba Gabba}
~ You LOVE having a popsicle on the front steps in the afternoon.
~ Some where you picked it up and say it all the time now, you say "Ssssss - SNAKE!" And then you laugh! One day you said "Ssssss - SNACK!" And then pretended to bite something and chew it up! I think you were trying to tell me you were hungry!
~ You love to put your shoes on and you love to go bye-bye. If I say anything about going some where you are a whiney mess until we are in the car and going. I try not to say anything until we are out the door!
~ You would live in the bath tub if we let you. You will start climbing in before we get you undressed!
~ You have an enthusiasm about even the little things that I adore. I'll ask you if you are ready to do something, anything and you say "YEAH!" or "ALRIGHT!"
~ You LOVE to "wing" at the park. You will sit in the swing the whole time we are at the park if I let you. Sometimes I do. :)

I am really enjoying the little toddler you are becoming! I see more of a two year old and less of a one year old every day. You are growing, learning and changing so much! I know I'm going to miss these sweet days of you being a 'little'!

I think we finally have a verse for you, I love it so much:

"Do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and the waves will not overcome you." Isaiah 43:1b-2a

I pray that your heart be turned towards the Lord and that you will desire to seek and follow after Jesus all of your days. That you will have a hunger for God's Word and a heart for all people.

You are loved!

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Kym said...

Yes, you are loved. And not just by your mommy and daddy!


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