Wednesday, June 15

Little Dude {8 Months}

It's really hard to believe it. But it's true. You are growing up right before my eyes! If it's even possible, it seems that your first year is going by faster than your sisters! I'm falling more in love with you everyday, my little man. I see so much of your daddy in you and it warms my heart. Your daddy is a wonderful, godly man. We like to call him our hero!

Getting sunscreened at the water park! Love your little swim trunks!

You are getting busy by the day and yet you are taking your sweet time in going any where! Finally, you are getting your balance when you are sitting. But if sissy or something else startles you or you get over zealous and try to get something a little out of your reach, you usually fall over. And then you cry, not because you are hurt really, but just because you want to sit up again, but can't get there on your own! So mommy comes in and props you back up and then you are perfectly content!

You love just watching your sissy play! And when she acknowledges you or brings you a toy or sits down by you to read you a book, you grin so big. And your arms and legs stiffen and your just so happy to have her company. It just warms my heart!

You reach for everything you see and your strong little grip still catches me off guard! Especially when it's my plate full of food you grab while sitting in my lap! You are still mainly nursing and that is my fault. I just haven't made it a priority to feed you solids in our day. I have a plan to help remedy that. I'm sure you will just love food when you get to start gumming it. And gum it you will because we have no signs of teeth yet. At least not to the surface. Although you chew, chew, chew and drool, drool, drool all day long and there are days that you just seem uncomfortable and want to be held that I'm sure some day soon we will see little white spots on those gums!

You have such a sweet disposition and are just a joy to be around all the time. You go to sleep easy, it's the staying asleep that we have a little problem with. Usually I can get you back to sleep quick if I nurse you but I'm thinking that it might be a habit instead of a necessity. Don't worry though, I don't have any plans for to break that habit anytime soon. You won't be my baby for ever and I'm convinced that one day you will not need to be nursed back to sleep. When that day comes, I'm going to miss these days when we cuddled and snuggled in your rocker...

You LOVE the swing!!

You are discovering your voice and have a shrill scream most of the day. I remember your sister going through a similar phase but I really think you hit a higher pitch than she ever did!! You love to blow raspberries and will play games with us. If we blow you raspberry you will respond with one back! It's so cute, our first communication.

You are extremely ticklish, we can tickle you anywhere and you just laugh! I love your laugh. And your toothless grin. And your chubby feet and toes. And the rolls that are growing on your thighs and arms. You are one sweet boy. And I'm so grateful that God chose for me to be your mama!

Daddy's little buddy! :)

We sure do love you, Little Dude!

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