Sunday, June 12

Cardboard Testimonies

A group from our church did a presentation of their testimonies on a piece of cardboard during worship today.

Have you seen this before? Here is a video of another church doing it.

On the front side they wrote what their life was before and without Jesus. On the back they wrote what their life is with Jesus! So powerful!

My heart couldn't help but be filled with the hope and the joy of the Lord. And eyes filled with tears seeing the Lord moving in the lives of the believers who shared at my church this morning. Just seeing how God has done incredible things!

I was so inspired to share what my cardboard would have said.


Searching for acceptance in guys & 
giving myself to them physically. 
Depressed & hopeless.


Pursued & redeemed 
by true love, Jesus! 
Filled with hope & purpose!

What would yours say? How does your life reflect God's love and grace?

If you haven't experienced the love and grace of God in your life, if you only have one side of your cardboard filled out, I urge you to seek Jesus! Let Him write the otherside, let Him redeem you!

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