Monday, June 13

Summer nights

I look forward to the summertime. But really it's the summer nights I love.

The last three summers I've realized that we do more family things. Maybe it's the longer days, but I don't mind the kiddos staying up later and there are many spontaneous outings as a family!

Sometimes we go to the park or just for a walk through our neighborhood. Sometimes there is a detour stop at the Dairy Queen. Saturday night, though, it was the new self serve frozen yogurt (aka fryo!) place near our house! We will probably be frequent visitors all summer. Yum!

My personal favorite is any chocolate froyo with all the different Chocolate toppings! I may have a slight problem. :/

Little lady could care less about the frozen yogurt. She is much more entertained by the game they have for the kids. Basically it's a video game projected on the floor and you move around and use your feet to play. Saturday night she was the entertainment of 4 junior high school girls. They laughed and encouraged her silliness and she was in heaven with all the attention!

Have you tried self-serve froyo yet?! If not, what are you waiting for? It's soooo good!

What's you and/or your family's favorite part about summertime?

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