Monday, June 20

Swim Lessons

Little Lady had her first 'swim lesson' on Saturday! She is doing them with her daddy and so far she is loving the water! I really want our littles to love the water and to feel confident in and around it. I have had a great fear about water and drowning since I was a little girl and if it can be avoided with our kids I would be so grateful! It helps my anxiety with the kids near the water too, if I know they are good swimmers. Plus it's a great way for the two of them to have daddy-daughter time together!

We could have put Little dude in the same class with his sister but we decided he would probably get more out of it next year. He and I tagged along this week so we could get pictures of the exciting event!

Her hair is getting long again!

She was cold by the time they were done, but she didn't even complain! 
So far she loves to "sim!"

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Nana said...

I now understand the "epic" joy Grandma J felt in watching her little Katie grow! Miss E is a most delightful blessing! And make no mistake--Mr. C is a major heart-stealer in his own right! Love to you all...can't wait to see you in THREE DAYS!!!!!!


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