Monday, June 13

Garage sale

Friday and Saturday was our first time doing a garage sale since being married. It went really well too! It mostly consisted of baby gadgets the kids had out grown and we found to not be necessities. We sold a lot of Little lady's clothes (her closet was ridiculously busting at the seams!) And some other odds and ends I purged through out the house in the last couple of weeks. Hubby even got motivated, after seeing stuff actually sell, and started purging the garage of the unnecessary!

We both loved how good it felt to just get rid of stuff!

There is no doubt how our culture puts such an emphasis on stuff, but I find it interesting to think of how little we actually need! And I've even witnessed first hand how my family actually thrives when we simplify, even the kids and their toys. Little lady is so much more creative when she has fewer toys out and to choose from. It's amazing really!

Ok, off my soap box and back to the garage...

Our neighborhood was having a community garage sale weekend so I decided to break away from our sale and go treasure hunting. I brought a friend for accountaability! What's the point in getting rid of stuff just to buy more! But I did have a few things I was looking for specifically!

I found a couple of great deals:


This apothecary jar to hold all my buttons. :) I'm a sucker for cute and practical!


A mirror I plan to turn into a prop for abundant Sonshine product photos. With a little paint and tweaking it'll have the perfect unique look I'm looking for!


I think this is my favorite find of the day!! I love toys that are made all from wood! They are sturdy and durable, but they are really pricy too. This was so worth the ten bucks. It has 4 sides plus the top can be removed to storage space inside the box! Each side has a different activity to include a white board and a felt board. On the felt board side I think I'm going to make those story board characters from the bible I remember from VBS when I was a kid. We can act out bible stories on it. :) I'm so excited for the use we will get put of this wooden toy!

That was our garage sale weekend. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun too!

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Mom said...

I desperately need to have a garage sale, too! What are you doing next weekend......! ;o)


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