Tuesday, September 17

Apple Picking

Last week we made a spontaneous decision to drive up to an apple orchard, about an hour from us. It was a cloudy, drizzly day but we were feeling adventurous! I'm really glad we went because it was so adorable and quaint. It was a small farm with a small orchard and they had horses, donkeys, turkeys, and chickens for the kids to see.

We were told that they have over 125 varieties of apples on the farm! The trees were low to the ground and the kids could easily reach the apples. They needed help actually getting them off the trees though. They gave the kids carrots to feed the donkeys and horses. You could feed them apples too!

Inside a barn they had a little country store where you could just buy apples already picked and they had fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts. And the flowers! The color from all the wild flowers was gorgeous. Because of all the rain we have had (pre-floods even) everything was so green. It was perfect for a little picture taking.

(I LOVE this picture)

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