Monday, January 13

Ready or Not!

We are jumping head first - into kindergarten!

Evie will be for 5 in July and it might seem a little early {not to mention odd} to start her now {and in January}, but we are going with it! It could be a total flop and we will need to revisit key concepts later on. I'm ok with that for now.

Her and I both are feeling a little restless when it comes to 'school stuff' for her. She is eager to 'do school' and I like to have the directed, intentional time with her. I just struggle to plan and execute those activities with her.

As a family, we have chosen to homeschool - at least for now. Knowing we can always re-evaluate and make changes as needed. At this point it seems right for us.

It took me a long time to nail down exactly what I wanted to do for curriculum, if I even needed it for kindergarten. While some may be able to cover all the necessary material with out purchasing anything, I am not one of those people! I need simple, laid out instructions {sing this song, do this craft, tell your student this, etc} in order to feel confident that I'm dong what I'm supposed to do.

After looking and looking.... and looking, even trying out a few different options, I settled on using 'My Father's World' and starting with their kindergarten curriculum. I did a lot excessive research, on their site, on Pinterest, on blogs, read countless reviews and really just over analyzed the whole thing! I tend to do that.

But the good news is, I think I have found the perfect fit! So we are going to go with it and see how it goes.

We did our first day this morning and it was a lot of fun. It didn't take long but she seemed to enjoy it. The first 10 days {which I am combining and making it only 5 days} is a review and they go over letter names and the numerals 1-7 while covering the six days God used to create the world and the seventh day of rest. Evie knows the letters names and her numbers up to 14 or something like that. She is really ready to start focusing on letter sounds and more numbers and maybe even start reading by the end of the year! That would be exciting!

We are doing our school year January-November for a couple different reasons:
1. Brandon's work schedule allows him to spend time with the boys while I work one-on-one with Evie. Come next January we won't know what his schedule will be and we'd have to adjust how we do school half way through the school year.
2. We are having our 4th baby in May, and I'm hoping that getting started with school before the baby comes means we will have a better chance picking it back up after we are settled in with a new baby, rather then having to gather motivation and energy just to start. {I have scheduled a nice, long break right around baby's due date and after to give us time to enjoy, settle and adjust!}
3. She's ready, I'm ready and why not!

Here's a few pictures from what we did today... {They are all phone pictures and a bit grainy : /}

She looks so focused in these pictures, but I promise she enjoyed it! Ha!

And we finished off with cookies and milk for snack. :)

I didn't take any pictures, but her and I took a walk around the neighborhood so we could observe, enjoy and thank God for the daytime and sky that He created for us. We just talked about the nighttime and about the sea, since we couldn't observe those.

I'm hoping I can share how the rest of our week goes!

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