Saturday, January 25

S is for Sun

We finished up our Creation week review a couple weeks ago and last week we went through the first 5 days of the first unit: S-s-sun!

The words to remember for the week are "Jesus is the light of the world." Evalyn and I spent a little bit of time each day talking about how Jesus is our light, He helps us see with our mind and our hearts. Just like a light, He shows where to go and how to live.

Our letter was S, our number was 1 and our theme was the sun. Evalyn learned a lot about the sun! We did some hands on activities and read quite a few library books about the sun. We both enjoyed the first unit.

Coloring her Picture Cards which she later cut out and put inside the letter envelope. We did several activities using these cards during the week.

She practiced writing her uppercase and lowercase "S" in salt.

We put these grapes in the window and have been checking them everyday while we wait for the sun to make them into raisins.

This activity I found here on Pinterest. It's a Sun in a bottle! It's just oil and water with red food coloring. When you swish it around it resembles the look of hot gases like the sun is made up of.

It was hard to get a good picture of how it worked.

We had sun themed snacks, this day was an orange.

And little brothers joined in for that part!

Another tactile letter activity was using yarn and glue to form the letter "S" on her paper.

We made a sundial to observe how the sun moving through the sky can help us know what time of day it is.

**We are using My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum.

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