Saturday, February 1

M is for Moon

Last week we studied the letter M, the moon and the number 2. We have made it through our 2nd week of school! I really like the flexibility, but we both definitely do better right after breakfast. A couple days we have had to move school to after lunch {usually rest/nap time} and I can tell a significant difference in how receptive she is. Rest time is still very necessary for this busy little girl.

Here she's working on the picture cards and tracing the letter while practicing the sound that 'M' makes. 

We read the book The Moon Might Be Milk by Lisa Shulman and in it is a recipe for Sugar Moon cookies. Of course, we had to give them a try!

They were easy, tasty and fun. 

I wanted to supplement a little more math into her school so we are using Singapore math activity book to have more practice with different concepts. She LOVES this part and I have to cut her off or she would do the whole workbook in one sitting!

I asked her what her favorite part of school is and she told me the worksheets is her favorite. Works for me! 

My favorite part is the one on one time we get to spend together. Another week down!

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