Thursday, February 20

L is for Leaf

Last week was our third week of Kindergarten and it was a tricky one. We took the week before off because the weather was ridiculously freezing, -19 degrees one day! So we didn't do much but try to stay warm.

It was a tad bit better the next week but still not ideal for a 'Leaf' study, which was the theme we were doing. There aren't many leaves to be found outside this time of year where we live so we improvised and went to a local plant nursery instead.

Not the same, but we found leaves! It worked.

We are starting to get the groove with the curriculum. My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum has set up with a routine where we do the same thing on the same days of the week. For example, every Day 1 looks the same schedule wise, every Day 2 has the same activities/routine, and so on for all 6 days of each unit. We both appreciate that, as Evalyn is catching on to what we do next and there isn't as much needed instruction as when we first started.

On of our first daily activities is looking at the calendar and talking about the date and the day of the week. She gets to practice her counting, writing {she traces the number}, shapes and colors {she draws a shape around the number with a color I chose}.

Next, she puts the day on her '100 Chart' while we keep track of the days we have done school. When we get to 100 we are going to have a celebration! After logging the day on her chart, she adds a straw to a cup and when she has 10 loose straws in the cup we put a rubber band around them and start a new set of 10. It helps her learn skip counting by 10's.

Pictures from our trip to the nursery:

Trying to reach up to the tallest plant we saw. Also the largest Leaf!

Watching the coy fish swim and trying not to get splashed!
Working on her math page, this week it was the number 3 and she was coloring the leaves in a certain pattern. They gave her the first 4 colors and then she had to figure out the pattern and finish the rest.

Another activity was doing a leaf rubbing. We used the leaves we picked up off the floor of the nursery.

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