Sunday, February 2

Crazy Little Baby Man

Last week Evalyn and I were out and Brandon was home with the boys. He had to, ahem, use the bathroom and left the boys down stairs to play. A few minutes later Caleb announced, as he usually does, that he needed to go poo-poo, so Brandon sent him to the downstairs bathroom. After he's taken care of his business he still needs help with the clean up part (hang in there, it gets better, how can it not...) and he yells to Brandon asking him "Can you wipe my bottom?"

Brandon assures him he will be there in just a minute....

Shortly after he hears Caleb crying from the bathroom. He heads down to find out what the issue is and finds Eli at the kitchen island with his hand in the box of Wheat Thins and he doesn't even hesitate as Brandon approaches him and asks him what he thinks he is doing... He's very confident that way.

Moving on, he heads down to the bathroom to rescue Caleb and walks in to find the entire roll of toilet paper unravelled on to the floor! Brandon asks Caleb what happened to which he replies, "Eli came in and told me he would wipe my bottom ("ME do it.") and I told him no. So he took all the toilet paper off (que Caleb crying)."

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