Thursday, March 6

N is for Nest.

Last, last week our letter and theme was N-n-nest and the number for the week was 5. Evalyn has been practicing writing all the numbers when we do our calendar and our 100 chart every day. When we aren't doing school, she is practicing what we have learned on the magna-doodle.  The other day she brought it to me to show me what she had been working on! She tells me that writing her numbers and letters is favorite thing to do at school.

Each week there is a phrase that goes along with the theme we are studying that teaches Evalyn about who God is. For this week it was 'God takes good care of me' and we learned that just like the mama bird takes good care making a nest, sitting on her eggs and then going to find food for her baby birds, God is always providing everything that we need!

Evalyn also makes a badge that we display and she can remember what she has learned through out the year. Here is her nest badge.

We made edible nests! It was a messy project but she had fun. I messed up and got shredded wheat cereal instead of the biscuits (which were supposed to be the grass) so it was 'soupier' than it should have been. There were sticks (chow mien noodles) and of course, mud (peanut butter and chocolate chips melted together).

I added Whopper eggs and they enjoyed the rich, messy treat at snack time! The older two only ate a third of their nest but Eli ate almost the whole thing and I had to cut him off so he didn't get a stomach ache!! 


On the last day of each week Evalyn has a worksheet that she draws 4 different pictures starting with the letter we are working on. Then she writes the uppercase and lowercase letter on the lines below.

She drew a nest, a nickel, a necklace and a net and she was very proud of them. She is timid when it comes to drawing with out a picture or looking at anything. I'm hoping this activity will help her build confidence in her abilities.

Her favorite craft for the week was making this tree and nest picture! She's such a cutie!

My favorite thing about school is getting to work one on one with my little girl. :)

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