Monday, December 15

Baby Cakes Is Getting Bigger!!

We had another appointment today since we went in so early on for the last appointment. She wanted to see us again. And she took some pictures for us!!
bc20081215You can see the head and even little hands… if you look closely!! The head is to the far right and one hand is on the top. On the screen in the Dr. office we could see the heartbeat again {too soon to hear it yet} and the image was bigger and clearer. We could make out the nose even!! I can’t believe how big it’s gotten in just three weeks!!
My pregnancy book said that if the baby grew at the same rate it is now after it’s born, after one month it would be 15ft tall!! Baby Cakes is growing FAST!!
Our next appointment is Jan. 7th and we will have an hour ultrasound that time! Can’t wait :)
If you want to compare from the last ultrasound click here.

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