Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

Another Christmas come and gone.
Next year will be all that more exciting! And even the years to follow!
We spent this year in town, and although my family was dearly missed, I’ve learned the secret to a much less holiday season… staying home! Christmas eve we went to the afternoon service at church and enjoyed watching the adult choir but not as much as the infamous children’s choir! Where you see little ones waving to family or adjusting clothing or singing silly because the spotlight it on! Or of course just fascinated with staring at the crowd that has no problem staring back! Brandon and I decided we are definitely excited to see one of our own among the group in years to come!
After service we went to B’s grandparents house for dinner and watched the little kids experience the excitement of santa and gifts!
Christmas morning was just the two of us {or three really!!}. As we slept in til 9 or so we took it all in knowing this will be the last Christmas we will sleep in for a LONG time!! And we exchanged gifts and stockings we had stuffed for each other and then lounged in our pj’s until about 1 o’clock! It was great!
In the evening B’s mom and family came over for dinner and we had a great time just visiting and laughing and of course eating!
Yes it’s true, I think I’m rounding a corner finally!! It still hits me every couple days, where I’ll be throwing up all day and then for a couple more days I’ll be fine… We are at about 11 or 12 wks {give or take} so it’s about the right time to be wrapping it up. And boy are we ready for that!! It’s been just as hard for B to watch me go through the constant puking as it has for me and my body.
I’m starting to show a tiny bit.. . my pants are rather tight, but we are expecting to grow considerably here in the next couple months!! Baby Cakes is already grown from an embryo and is now considered a baby {or fetus}!! My uterus is the size of an orange or so and will continue to grow and press on my bladder more and more! Oh goody :)
Hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as we did and God Bless you in the New Year!!

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