Sunday, January 4

The Nursery

is in work!! I went out shopping for fabric and found the baby’s nursery color scheme! I bought the fabric to make the bumper and quilt!! Once I get those made, I’ll go back for the fabric to make the changing pad and some curtains.
I’m not sure if B is sold on the fabric I got yet… but I told him to wait and see what it looks like in the finished room and to just trust me!! He said he does… The colors are bright and I just love them!! I think a bright room is perfect for a baby and then in to toddler years! But I’m going to use a darker color (chocolate brown) which is in the fabric as well and will tie in quite nicely for the curtains so the room can be darker for sleep time!!
Already started stocking up on diapers and will continue with every pay check! We are also setting aside funds for big items we will need, but we will wait til after the baby shower to see what we need to purchase still.
By the way, my best friend and beautiful ‘sister’, Rachael, is going to be hosting my baby shower and she is just as excited it seems as I am! She tells everyone all the time ‘I’m going to be an Auntie!’ and I love it.
We have our third Dr.’s appt this week and hopefully will get to hear a heartbeat! We’ve seen it the last two appt’s but hearing it will be that much more real, I’m sure!!
The ‘morning sickness’ is mostly just night time sickness the last week or so. But I think I’m tracing it to the fact that the nights I’m most sick are the days I don’t get enough of a balanced diet through out the day. That is to say that I’m not eating much at all and when I do it’s actually quite healthy, but some days most food doesn’t even sound appetizing so I don’t eat much of anything and those nights I’m the sickest. So I’m doing my best to eat enough through out the day and I think I’ll be ok. Should only be another week or two {fingers crossed}!
I read somewhere that 56% of women who have a girl where more sick during the pregnancy…. Since I don’t have another to compare it to {maybe I’m just a sicky when it comes to pregnancy} I can’t really go 100% off of that… but there’s hope!

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