Wednesday, January 28

Knock On Wood…

 surely don’t want to jinx anything… but I’ve been 8 days without even feeling nauseous!! Let alone throwing up! Food has started to sound good again and it definitely smells good!!
I say it’s starting to sound good because I think subconsciencously I don’t quite trust my stomache yet. Not 100%. But I’ve been able to eat atleast 2 full meals and snacks through out the day. Which is a vast improvement to on a good day only having about 1.5 full meals, on a bad day: fluids.
I have my 16wk check up on Friday {even though we are actually half way through 17wks!!} and I’ll find out if I’ve gained any weight since the last appt {which was when they had to send me in to get fluids cause I was so sick}. I had lost quite a bit of weight between that appt and the one prior to it.
It seems weird but I still don’t look pregnant really. Especially in my uniform at work. I think my co-workers are beginning to doubt that I’m really having a baby in less than 5 months!! Yesterday they were saying, ‘Katie’s going to have the world’s smallest baby!’ but I know they are just teasing. I hope it is a littler one {yes, I’m already having labor jitters!!}.
I know that the fact I’m not showing too much yet is a mixture of losing weight and that is just how my body is. Every woman is different. In my own time I’ll start showing and I can’t wait!
To all the mom’s out there, is it normal to have dreams about babies like EVERY night??! I’m not complaining, they aren’t bad dreams. I just almost expect to wake up and have my baby already here!!
Soon enough…

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