Monday, February 2

First Step In Family Prep…

This weekend we made a step towards preparing for our little family to be! We got a new car!
Subaru Legacy 2009
Although it wasn’t necessarily planned to do it this last weekend, but we were already planning for a new car before the baby was born. Both of our cars are two door and getting pretty old with a lot of miles. We wanted to have something reliable and practical for a family. Brandon had been doing his homework for awhile and was pretty much set on the Legacy because of it’s 5 star safety rating. They are cars that are known to last, with a reputation much like Honda and Toyota.
We were actually on our way to the a store when we drove past the dealership on Saturday afternoon and I asked Brandon if he wanted to test drive one. We were waiting to make the deal until my car was paid off (which will be at the end of Feb.) and then sell it and then go make the purchase. But I thought why not give the car a spin now and see if that’s even what he likes! I am fine with what ever we get, especially if Brandon likes it cause he is cautious and somewhat picky. And did I mention my husband is SMART!!
He was nervous as we pulled into the dealership, he had never bought a new car before so he wasn’t sure how to deal with the seaming vultures in the parking lot just waiting for fresh blood! But I said, ‘Just keep driving we don’t have to stop if you don’t want to.’ After he saw the Legacys though he really wanted to check them out! So we found a place to park.
As soon as we got out of our car there was someone walking up to us. We told we were just looking and might be interested in test driving a vehicle or two. He started asking us what we were looking for and showing us around. He asked us if we had ever thought of leasing… no we hadn’t.
Turns out, it’s a pretty good stinkin deal. Not always, depending on the circumstances like your credit, how much you can afford for a monthly payment and so on. But we put no money down and are paying the same amount a month that we have been paying on my Honda! But we still have the Honda!! We didn’t trade anything either. So now the money we were going to use as a down payment is still ours!! Who knew that there could be such a good deal out there?!
I’m still in awe that we have a brand new car sitting in our Garage!! We both have to periodically go out and check if it really is there or not. And Brandon is just so pleased with it, since it’s his first car and I still have the Honda for now, we decided he is going to drive the new car until the baby comes or we sell the Honda. He deserves it!
My favorite features are the moonroof, the color (Newport blue pearl) and the sportiness of it.
Brandon’s favorite features are the remote start (he shows it to everyone!), the color and that it’s ‘a manly looking’ car.
As for other news, I’m finally starting to show a little bit so we are going to be posting some pics from time to time since most of our readers are out of state and don’t get to see the weekly progress in person!
Here is for Week 17:

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