Saturday, February 14

19 And Counting…

Weeks that is!
And only two more left until our ultrasound! You can bet that I will post if for all to see. :)
I know it’s been like forever and a day since I updated. We are going through this inspection at work and we have been working every day since the 3rd of Feb – straight through…. And we have at least 2 more days to go, pending whether issues {since it’s snowing outside right now}. PRAY for us!! I’m ready to be done.
This last week I’ve been feeling the baby move more and more and it’s SO awesome! At first it was usually just at night when I would notice it the most, but now it seems to be all through out the day! When I feel it for the first time for the day or it’s been awhile I get this feeling of being on a roller coaster going down that first drop, because it’s so exciting! Especially with working so much lately, the fact that I’m pregnant sometimes slips my mind and then I get that feeling of baby cakes rolling around in there and I’m reminded of the miracle taking place at this very moment!! It really is a miracle and the fact that I get to experience it first hand is just beyond my comprehension sometimes.
Today I was daydreaming about our little baby bug that’s just baking away in there right now and I just had this warmth come over me when I thought to my self ‘What if it’s a boy?’ I just had this peace and I couldn’t help but smile!
Who knows but we got in the oven right now! But whether boy or girl, we are thrilled to have this experience in our lives!
I have to mention how romantic my husband has been to me these last few weeks and days. {As if everyone didn’t already know!} But he asked me a couple weeks ago if I was ok with making plans on Valentines day even though we will be working and right in the middle of our inspection. I said that’s fine with me, if my hubby wants to treat me sweet I’m always game!! So he said he would do the planning and it would be a surprise {oh big surprise! If anyone knows my husband, he LOVES surprises!}
Then this last week he told me I would need to go out sometime and find myself something to wear for our date, something that I would feel beautiful in :) and he gave me a good chunk of spending cash to do so with. He told me to take care of the whole nine yards – dress, shoes, accessories- all of it! I thought that was so sweet of him! He knows what makes me happy… SHOPPING! We have a budget and try to stick closely to it, so it isn’t very often that I splurge or buy stuff for myself for the heck of it but when it’s his idea and when he says I can I know he loves me!
So we are going to go out for a romantic dinner tomorrow night and I can’t wait to wear my new dress! I got it at the Motherhood store so it shows my tummy and everything. Hey! This baby is a product of LOVE so why not show it off on V-Day!
I’ll be sure to get pics of us all decked out and post em :)

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