Tuesday, February 24

Oh My!

What a weekend!
Seems like our weekends just fly by anymore. With Brandon taking classes M-W-F and working all 5 days as well, our once 3 day weekends have shortened to just 2 days. It seems those two days fill up so quickly with Bradley classes every Sat. and then church youth group commitments and get togethers seems every week for either a birthday or something! What ever little downtime we do get we covet!
My weekend from work started on Thursday… I had signed up for a training that teaches kids abstinence and I’d been wanting to go to for awhile. The class started and I wasn’t feeling very well at all. So I got up and excused myself to see if some cooler fresh air would help, we were in a really warm room! Very quickly I got really sick. I think I vomited 8 – 10 times, no exateration. I had never felt this sick for the whole pregnancy. I knew something was wrong!
My friend who was in the class with me came to check on me and could see I wasn’t doing well at all. I really thought that I was going to pass out. I couldn’t stop vomiting and I was getting weaker and weaker by the minute. She asked me if I wanted to go to my Dr. office and I told her I didn’t, that I didn’t like them…
She decided that I probably needed to go home and helped me to her car and drove me home. Luckily Brandon was still at home, he was getting ready for work. He saw my condition and took my pulse {he’s in an EMT course so he likes to practice on me ;) } and decided that I needed to go to the ER cause it seemed like I was pretty dehydrated from all the vomiting. If nothing else they could get me fluids and check to make sure the baby was ok.
When we got there I explained to them how I had been vomiting so much and that I had a burning terrible pain in my lower abdomen. They took me back and the first thing they did was do an ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok. The nurse practitioner asked me if I could feel the baby moving, at the time I couldn’t really feel it at all, but she said that he/she was moving around like crazy!
The nurse came in and hooked me up to fluids and drew some blood for some tests. A little while later the Dr came in and he also did an ultrasound to check things out and looked at the baby’s heartbeat. He said everything looked fine as far as the baby was concerned. He asked me some questions and then he left too.
After the fluids were complete the nurse came in and asked for a urine sample and so I gave them one. It looked like I was still pretty dehydrated to me, but what did I know?! Turns out it was so dark cause I had a major Urinary Tract infection going on!
Appearently I had had it for over a week I just didn’t realize that I had it! Some of you are probably thinking How can you NOT know?! It sorta burns… hello! But the thing is that I just equated the increased frequency to being pregnant, and the pain when I peed… well I thought that it was just my uterus being stretched or something. I have friend who gets UTI’s often and she said it burned when she peed, well I imagined an external pain for some reason… so the fact that it was such an internal pain didn’t really mean anything to me! I had never had one before!! I know now…
So I got some antibiotics and they let me go home. All that for a day at the ER you’re probably thinking but there were some other issues going on that I won’t really mention for sake of embarressment. But in the end I was glad that I went. Every one was extremely friendly and kind to us. By going I knew for sure that the baby was just fine.
How am I feeling now?
Well the weekend went on a little shaky. I was hoping that I didn’t need to take the zofran anymore but after 3 days of throwing up EVERY thing I eat I decided that I probably still need it. Although it’s disappointing to have to stay on it longer, I know that it’s for mine and baby’s best. I got get some food in me so baby can eat!
We also started our Bradley’s class this weekend and that was fun! I learned a lot and got some excersises to do for homework. Some of them I need Brandon for, others I can do on my own. They are all strengthing excersises to build up for the main event! To build my endurance and muscle strength. Nothing to strenuous so I know I can manage! Most of them feel good as they are some sort of muscle release or help me to carry the baby better. I’m looking forward to our classes in the future and all we will gain from them!

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