Monday, February 16

A scavenger hunt:
Valentine’s day didn’t happen the way my honey had it planned…. {or how I described in the previous post for that matter.} I guess that’s just what could happen when you are taking a risk with work during a huge inspection. We both had to work much later than planned due to some unexpected complications and therefore had to postpone our reservations for Saturday night :(
I will admit it was disappointing! But Brandon was most definitely more disappointed than I was. I couldn’t figure out why he was so upset about it. It was just dinner and we could go next weekend when we wouldn’t be rushed for time to get ready. But I soon learned that it wasn’t just dinner plans that had been “ruined”…
When we got home from work we decided to just relax and watch a romantic movie and eat some valentine cookies my friend Rachael had made for us with a tall glass of milk! {my hubby LOVES cookies and milk!!} As we sat down to cuddle up and start the movie Brandon begins to explain that not only were we going to go to dinner at a nice restraunt… but when we got home he was going to have me wait in the car for a minute and then come inside.
He would then run inside and up the stairs and lock our door with a note on the outside that said: ‘Not so fast! I have hidden your present and you can’t come in til you find it! No need to worry I’ve given you clues along the way! (first clue) P.S. I love you!’
So the game began! I got up and followed the clues he had hidden through out the house the day before, starting with looking in the DVD cover of P.S. I love you! Sure enough, there was another clue… He had 15 clues placed through out the house and I had to first figure out what the clue meant and then find the next clue! It was a blast!!
Finally it led me to my craft room where I opened the door to find a teddy bear holding a heart shaped box. There was a note on top of the box that explained how he had written something he loved about me for each day of the last month!! How sweet is that?! I was blown away {once again!} by how romantic and creative my husband is and how his love never ceases to amaze me!
How he will top that next year, I have no clue… but I believe that he will find a way driven by an even deeper love!!
A passing grade:
I mentioned that we have been under inspection at work and have been preparing for it for the last two weeks… well the inspection happened this weekend and WE PASSED!! We don’t have to do it again! At least not for another 4 years or so… What a relief!
Upcoming excitement:
Next Saturday we being our labor classes! We have decided to do the Bradly Method because it’s all about a husband coached labor and delivery and also about how to have the most natural childbirth possible. We have done a lot of research on it and know several parents who used it and loved it! We will meet once a week for 12 weeks at a certified Bradley Method coaches house for two hours and be filled with education on ALL our options for labor and delivery and be assisted in writing our own birth plan that will be given to our OB.
Then the next week is our ultra sound and we are so incredibly excited to see our little swimmer who has been so active these last couple weeks! I can’t wait to see how big he/she has gotten!!
And I’m also so excited because my dear best friend Rachael is putting together and planning my BABY SHOWER for this coming June :) They joke and laugh about how it was just this time last year that they were planning my Bridal shower!!
Just leave it to me… I’ll find a reason to celebrate!!

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