Thursday, January 15

Online Journal

I’ve been recording my weeks in an online journal that is prompted by questions. I thought I would share just a few of the interesting ones for fun! If there are any fun questions you might have feel free to ask me! Just leave them in my comments.
What were your parents’ reactions to the news?
My mom was at work when told her and she was so excited and almost started crying. My dad: Brandon’s Mom: She was so excited she almost couldn’t believe it and almost started crying!
What other emotions are you feeling: pride, hope, amazement, anticipation?
My mind seems to be going about 100 million miles an hour with thoughts and ideas! I want to start on the baby’s room and mostly just want to be further along than we are so I can actually feel pregnant!!
If you found out you are pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test (or two or three), did you save it, or take a picture of it? Where’s the evidence now?
So it’s been about 2 weeks since we’ve known we are pregnant and I still have the 2 pregnancy tests I took sitting my by bed side. I think I like them there because when I see them I can remind myself… YES! You really have pregnant!! It’s probably gross to hang on to them, but they have caps on them!!
Do you talk to the baby? What kinds of things do you say?
No not really. It just doesn’t feel real yet… Brandon sometimes does, mostly just teasing or messing around. He will kiss my belly A LOT!!
Is there anything you’ve had to give up while pregnant that you already miss, like sushi or beer?
Sushi for sure! It’s strange but I’m really wanting a ham and cheese sandwich! Like a sub sandwich from a local favorite sub shop of ours! But I can’t have any cold cuts :( I miss corn dogs too!
Do you already have a hunch about whether the baby is a boy or a girl? Has anyone else tried to guess?
I want to say I have a feeling its a girl… but no real reason why. Maybe just wishful thinking! But then I think a boy might be easier than a girl. LOTS of people have guessed. Most say a girl only cause I’ve been so sick… but considering this is my first I don’t have a lot to go off of yet. Maybe this is just how I am pregnant!
Have you thought at all about what the actual birth will be like? Do you have an idea of the kind of experience you want to have?
I have been very curious about what to expect at the birth. I know I’ll be so excited and so nervous at the same time! Anxious to meet our little one. But I’m afraid of the pain too. I know that I probably will have an epidural since it’s my first one, but we’ll see. I want it to be as natrual as possible.
What does it feel like to be nearing the end of your first trimester? Are you relieved?
I’m excited! It feels like I’m getting somewhere since we are almost past a big mile marker! I’m mostly excited for the thought that I might not be sick too much longer!! I’m relieved and anxious to see how I grow as the baby grows inside me :)
Are you and your partner already talking about how you’ll handle big parenting decisions down the line?
We have discussed it a lot more in recent times! It comes up when we are around other little ones and watching how different kids act and how the parents re act to them. We are in line and agreence for the most part.
What’s your comfiest outfit? Are you wearing maternity clothes yet?
A loose pair of sweets and a tank with a jacket or just a t-shirt. I have a pair of maternity pants and a couple of shirts. The shirts still look ridiculous on my cause my tummy isn’t that big yet. But the pants are so comfortable, more so than my regular pants, although they are a little big yet as well.
Have you been daydreaming about the baby already? Share your thoughts.
I’ve been day dreaming about the belly and when the baby is further along. Not so much when it’s born. I daydream about our house and imagine where the baby will play and spend most of it’s time playing. I imagine seeing it’s toys all over the place in the house!
What most surprises you about being pregnant?
That it goes by so slowly. And that it’s not always as fun as I always thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not regreting it. I just imagined it would be easier at times… mostly I’m talking about the sickness and the seemingly involuntary vomiting from time to time.
Considering any prenatal tests (or taken some already)? Which one and why?
Nope. Our baby is a gift from God and how is creates this little one, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We know this baby will be a blessing to us no matter what!

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