Monday, October 18

15 months

My first born {I can say that now that I have a second born :D}, you are 15 months old today.

You have grown so much, even in the last month. But when I saw you after your brother was born I couldn't help but think 'You look huge!' You seem so much older now that we have a newborn in the house.

You are a big sister now and I pray for you every day that God will soften your heart for your new brother and that you will develop a love for and a friendship with him as the years go by. I also pray that God will teach daddy and me how to shepard and nurture  your relationship with each other. I know you will come to cherish the companionship of each other.

I'm pretty confident that you will be a wonderful sister. I know this because of your loving nature towards people and even your toys. You love to give kisses and hug your toys and stuffed animals.

You are communicating better and more often each day. Your words are becoming clearer and you repeat and mimic everything we say and do.

Some of your favorite things to do or you can be found doing and saying on a regular basis are:

* When I open the fridge door you like to touch everything in reach and say "Cooold!"

* You love to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and you even know the hand motions.

* You 'help' me unload the dishwasher, you love to help with any task that I'll let you help with.

* When mama or daddy tell you we love you, you give us a kiss and say 'I love you'!

* You love to blow kisses and wave bye-bye to any one who's leaving.

* You can say 'shoes' 'fish' 'squishy' and when we ask you if you are hungry or if you want more you can sign to us that you do.

You still take one nap a day, usually it's an hour to 2 hours long. Sometimes in the evenings mama and daddy will take you for a walk to the park and you love to show us how you can go down the slide all by yourself.

You're starting to test the waters more and more and lately you've been wanting to see if screaming will get you some attention... We are working on that!

You are our princess and you always will be. We love you, Little Lady and look forward to the months to come with you and your lil' brother!

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