Tuesday, October 19


We have been babymooning at my house.
You see, I have two babies now. And that means double the joy, fun, and love and work!

We brought Little Dude home from the hospital on Friday. We really could have stayed one more night at the hospital. But I was missing my Little Lady so badly I couldn't hardly stand it!

I couldn't wait to introduce her to her new brother and cuddle and play with her, reassuring her she had not been replaced. The couple days we were gone she had been sick and I knew she was missing us.

Although they'd have liked us to stay we were discharged without hesitation. I was feeling pretty good, compared to last time, and Little Dude was doing great too! He was nursing well and had only lost 3.3% of his body weight {they allow for 7-10%}.

When we got home around noon Little Lady was so excited to see us, but she wasn't to sure about our stow away!

The two new siblings had met at the hospital but we kept them a part mostly because of Little Lady being sick. She knows enough about him that he is 'brother' and on her terms she'll come up to him and give him kisses or try to offer her pacifier. The best success we've had introducing them has been if Little Dude is in the swing, not in any of our arms.

All other times it's as if he doesn't exist. But she's warming up to him :)

He had his first check up with the Dr. today and he has gained 2 oz! He's pretty much a champ at nursing... all except that he falls asleep and is a tad bit difficult to wake up. But it just means more precious mommy-son time. :)

He is also a little bit jaundice in the face and chest but the Dr isn't concerned since he is nursing every 2.5-3 hrs and plenty of wet and dirty diapers. He's going to be at his birth weight in no time!

All I can say to sum up life right now is 'So this is love!' And with that, I'm off for more baby mooning with my two precious babies...

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