Monday, October 25

'Getting to know you'

Already time is flying and I can't believe it's been 11 days since we welcomed you onto our arms, Little Dude.

Since time goes by so quickly, I wanted to note what we've learned about you so far:

~ You are laid back {way back, just like daddy!}
  - Even starting with labor! Unlike your sisters labor, you took it nice and slow, even decided to hang       out for several hours with no progress. Little Lady on the other hand was opposite and just kept moving, no breaks. She knew she had places to be! {She still does...}
   - Nursing has been so much easier. Partly because I know what I'm doing this time but also because you are not as eager and aggressive at latching on as your sister was.
   - I just love how easily you have fit into our family and home! Your sister can be loud and she doesnt quite understand how to be gentle with you, but you don't complain, you just hang out and soak it all in, or sleep right through it all!!!

~ You are a great eater but your eyes must be bigger than your tummy cause you over eat often which results in a lot of spit up, even full on vomiting your whole feeding. Burping has been a challenge.Your sister didn't have that problem and she burped with out much effort on our part. It's been an adjustment for mommy and daddy.

~You don't really care to be swaddled very much, like sissy did, but when we do swaddle you at night for warmth you like your hands up by your face and the swaddle lose.

~You are a champ at bf, we have had little issues with nursing and we are going to wait til your 3-4wks to intro a bottle. I think this very thing has helped your transition into our home to be much easier.

Today was your 10 day check up with the doctor. Here's how you measured up:

Weight: 7 lbs 8.5 oz  {25% - 14.5 oz gain from birth weight!}
Height: 20 in  {25% - 1 in growth from birth}
Head: 14.75 in  {50%}

My sweet boy, we are loving having you and look forward to all that we will learn about you in the days, weeks, months and years to come! We love you so much.

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