Tuesday, October 19

Check ups

Yesterday Little Dude had his first check up. As I previously posted, he gained 2 oz since his hospital discharge putting him at 6 lbs 8.5 oz. He checked out great and we take him back for his 10 day check up next week.

Little Lady had her check up today:

* Weight: 23 lbs 2 oz  {50%}
* Length: 31.5 in        {75%}
* Head: 17.75 in         {25%}

She is advanced in all of her development for communication, fine motor skills, language, etc. And Dr. G couldn't get over how busy she was! {Tell me about it...} After Little Lady's exam Dr. G let her go through her box with all of her tools and she was impressed with how Little Lady spent so much time studying, she is a thinker no doubt.

Here are both of my 'littles' at their appointments:

In other exciting news, jr lost his umbilical cord last night so he had his first bath today! {Pictures soon to come.}

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