Tuesday, November 15


Change is good.

Change keeps us from getting into routines and being complacent. Routines feel safe, I'll be the first to admit that! But that's not always what is best for us. Routine keeps us from relying on God and believing we can do life with out Him. When we have change, we are often forced to rely on God and trust that He will take care of the things we can't, the things that are unknown.

But, change is hard.

We have some change come up in our families routine in the form of a new job for hubby! The change has been unexpectedly harder for me than I ever thought imaginable. It's change in schedule, pay, insurance, and everything else we are used to. All the changing, it's brought out the ugliest of ugly in me! Yikes! The last few weeks were some of the darkest and hardest I've experienced in a long while. My rebellious spirit against the Lord was a rude awakening to some much needed change in my heart.

And slowly, I've been able to humble myself to allowing God to use the change for the better in our lives and in our family. I don't trust very easily, and that starts with my relationship with God. If I can't trust the one who made me or has my fate in His control, who can I trust? God's word tells me He is trustworthy.

During this past Sunday's message at church, it was said that "The greatest contender for God's best isn't the 'bad' things. The greatest contender for God's best are the things that I think are good." That statement could sum up the struggles that I've been wrestling with the past couple weeks. God is removing or weaning me from {asking me to let go of} things that in themselves aren't bad or sinful. They just aren't the best He has for me. But I try to tell myself, it really isn't bad or is God really requiring that of you? Which is just the Devil trying to get me of course with my greatest weakness, not trusting in God.

Change is good.

When I let go of those things that are not God's best for me, I feel free! I feel like me again and not a grouchy, ungrateful person that has been me for a couple weeks. I no longer face misery and self pity each morning, but instead see the unmeasurable blessings before me! I am so glad to be coming out on the other side of this cloud and seeing so much clearer that God loves me and He has a plan and He has better than better for me, He has the best!

I can not wait to see what it holds my family. I'm going to try my best to embrace the changes as they come and choose joy for the Lord!

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