Tuesday, November 22

Little Dude {13 Months}

What can I say about you, sweet boy, at 13 months?

You have grown and changed so much in the last 30 {+} days! No walking yet, but you are a speedy crawler and I think you are happy with that right now. You love to roll around on the couch and will even stand up with out using anything while you're on the couch. You'll even stand there for a minute or two, swing your arms around and just look steady as a rock! But if we even try to walk with you by holding your hands, you are like putting a cat in water and keep your feet off the ground. Stinker!

You adore your big sissy and often wait for her at the bottom of the stairs while she is taking her nap or in the morning before she wakes up! If we didn't have a gate up at the stairs you'd be up there in heartbeat, you are a stair master!! The only reason I keep the gate up is to keep you and your sister where I know where you are at all times.

We are finally over the hurdle, for the most part, of your gag reflex keeping you from eating solid foods. In fact I am starting to see what everyone warns me about having a boy... you are eating 99% of the time you aren't sleeping! But I won't complain yet because you will eat anything I put in front of you and everyone knows mamas love a non-picky eater!! Lets just hope it stays that way. I wish I could say what your favorites are but you're just excited when I put food down in front of you so it's hard to tell!

Surprisingly, you are pretty good at communicating. You know where the cups are and crawl over to them and point when you want a drink, you have your own sign for eating or you just get cranky, and you actually have an impressive list of words you can say: drink {ink}, ball {ba}, up, down, please {pees}, cheese {whenever you see a camera, even a strangers!}, this {when you want something}, Evie, Hi, Bye, dad, eyes {as you point to any where on your head}, pull {as you pull off your socks I just put on you}... I can't think of any others right now. A lot of the times, you will repeat a word you hear someone else say and if we react with excitement you will just keep saying it over and over.

You love 'reading' books, chasing your sister around the island in the kitchen, bouncing around on the couch, being outside, swinging at the park, going down the slide on your tummy, climbing stairs, eating, eating what ever mama is eating, pulling your socks off, growling when ever you see a lion, tiger {or any other animal you think growls}, 'dancing' to music, pulling mama or sissy's hair, drinking from a straw, bath time, and trying to do any and every thing your big sister is doing!

You are an amazing wonder and so fun to have as a part of our family. Just thinking of you makes me smile! We love you and can't wait to see you grow into the boy and man God has made you to be!

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