Thursday, November 10

Thanksgiving Challenge: Day 7, 8, 9 & 10!

I know I've been lagging in my blogging of thankfulness, but I haven't been lagging in the actual thankfulness...

Ok, maybe it's been a little bit harder this week to find the things I'm thankful for. It's been a rough week. The Lord is doing some serious sifting in my life and can I just say it hurts, a lot. But it's a good pain. A pain I may find hard to be thankful for today but I know I'll be grateful when I see the fruits of His work in me!

So on to my thankfulness:

Day 7:

I'm thankful that this heartburn, among other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, is only temporary!

Day 8:

I'm thankful for my 2yr old daughter who keeps me laughing even when parenting challenges arise. Her 
reason for taking all her clothes off in her crib? She needs to go in the swimming pool, of course!!

Day 9:

I'm thankful for 2 out of 3 working toilets and being caught up on laundry!

Day 10:  

I am so thankful for a beautiful day to take the littles to the park and get some fresh air today! We all needed it :)

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