Sunday, January 23

Our off weekend.

Wow-zers, was our weekend a little off from normal. It really wasn't what I would call crazy or anything. Just off.

It started out Friday morning with me finding a quarter sized scab on the back of Little Lady's head, at the base of her hairline. That morning hubby had to go in early in the morning {he usually works a swing shift and goes in later} so after she woke up I brought her in our bed and let her watch cartoons while I nursed Little Dude. I was just running my fingers through her hair when I felt it.

Immediately I distracted her to get her to look down so I could see what it was. Thats when I saw a scab that was about the size of a quarter. It seemed odd since she hadn't had any falls and hit her head there, that we knew of. And she had her well check up just 2 days before and the doctor never said anything when she examined her.

I contemplated what to do and decided to call the pediatricians office just in case, especially since it was Friday and I didn't want to risk it getting worse and not be able to go in. i told the nurse what I saw and she said to bring her in, so I did.

It turns out our suspicions where right and it turned out to be eczema that Little L probably had scratched raw in her sleep. She recommended a 1% cortizone cream and some neosporin to help with the itch and help it heal up.

I can't help but feel bad and responsible. I know she has dry skin and give her oil baths and lotion her with heavy cream regularly but I never thought to look on her scalp, especially with her hair being long now. I know now though, I guess we'll have to check it often and lotion if she needs it.

Then Friday night she woke up at 11p or so and was sobbing. It was really difficult to soothe her and she couldn't tell us what was wrong, in spite of us asking her millions of questions to try and figure it out. She would just cry, even while I was holding her. Finally, I got her to go back in her crib while I rubbed her back and head and sang to her. She would doze off and then start crying again. Very frustrating to not know how to soothe your child!!

Eventually she fell back to sleep but was up very early and she was tired and fussy. Nap time was a repeat and so was bed time last night. But at least after I got her to sleep she slept through the night!! I'm not sure what the issue was but I suspect either teething or  maybe a night mare.

Whatever it was left both her and I worn out and by Saturday evening I was drained, mentally and physically. I'm hoping for a much smoother evening tonight.

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