Tuesday, March 22

Just a few Little things we've been up to lately!

There is a certain big sister reading one of her favorite books to a little brother. She's a good big sister!

There is a new sheriff in these parts. And he is a mighty cute little feller if I do say so myself!

And a big boy too, as I can report that his first night in his crib in his room was a success! It actually happened by chance because I was planning on making the change after we finished the details of his room in the next couple weeks. But Little dude has been taking his naps during the day in his crib and he fell asleep last night around 7pm {about the time Little lady is going to bed} so I fed him, swaddled him and laid him down thinking he would wake up no later than 2 hours and I'd move him to our room for the night. 

9 pm came and went... then at 10pm, when he was still asleep I figured I better get some sleep myself so hubby and I headed to bed. When little dude woke up at 1:45 am I was really surprised but just went with it and fed him in his room and laid him back in his crib. He only woke up one other time before getting up at 6 am! I just hope tonight can go just as smoothly!!

Little lady showed off her big girl skills by going down the 'big' slide at the park. She climbed up on the equipment by herself as well! Oh, she's getting so big!!

And yesterday while my car was in the shop for regular servicing....

...the littles got to cruise in their first convertible!

It was a really windy day so we only wen to the end of the street with the top down. It was a fun family adventure!

That's some of the little things we have been up to. 

What about you, what have you been up to lately?

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