Tuesday, March 15

Little Dude {5 Months +1 day!}

Little dude is 5 months old!
It seems like I'm doing these milestone posts more than any other post! But I love that I'll be able to look back and see what you were doing and learning at each month. :)

You are wearing 6-12 month size clothes! You are so long so 3-6 month clothes are too short for you, although they fit you weight wise.
Still wearing size 2 in disposable.

You are still waking up at least 2 times a night, sometimes 3 times a night. My hope is that you will start sleeping longer stretches when we start solids in another month! During the day you are starting to show us a pattern for naps and we are trying to train you to fall asleep on your own by swaddling you and laying you down when you're eyes are heavy but you are still asleep. It works more times then most. :)

You're still nursing full-time with an occasional bottle of pumped milk. You still eat about evert 2.5-3 hours and it's about 3 oz each time. I'm excited to start making your baby food in the next month!


  • You are becoming more interactive with your toys now. You will reach for them or swing at them. You reach for our plate or whatever we are holding while you are in our lap. 
  • You still chew on your hands like crazy and you are drooling all the time! 
  • You still love to sit up in your Bumbo seat and love to look around and watch me make dinner or watch big sissy play around you. You'll ever sit for small amounts of time in your bouncer or excersaucer.
  • You haven't rolled over yet, but you are already trying to sit up on you're own!

Character traits:
Content: You still just hang out and go along for the ride. And you are so full of joy! You laugh and smile with such ease. Sometimes it's just a look from your big sister and you are laughing so hard it's contagious! I hope you never lose that joy, baby boy. It's truly from the Lord! :) 

Still trying to figure out a nap routine for you through out the day. You still sleep off and on in your swing during the day or in your car seat when we are out and about. I still haven't moved you to your room at night, but I'm holding out for longer sleep stretches or when you're six months, which ever comes first.

We sure do love you, little dude!
Couldn't imagine our family without you!!

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