Saturday, July 28

A new job.

We gave Evalyn a job for her 3rd birthday.

Yep, she's a working woman now!

Thanks to Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace Jr. {and it's 28% off right now!} we are now paying our little tot for jobs she willing does. They are jobs we picked out and are willing to pay her for if she does them willingly and with out a fight. They are things that we do anyway, but if she wants to do them, then we will pay her for them.


Right now it's just a way to teach her the value of working and earning her own money. She does her own envelopes system that we help her with. She has a 'Give' envelope, a 'Save' envelope, and a 'Spend' envelope and we help tell her which envelope to put her money in to. She can take her 'Give' money to Sunday school and give it in the offering jar in her class. And her savings we will deposit into her bank account for her.

As for her spending envelope we took her to the store and let her pick out something to save up for. Since she only earns 25 cents a chore, with the potential to earn $5 a week, she is going to have to save her coins to buy something. As she gets older, we will increase her commission and the responsibility that goes with her jobs. We will stop telling her when to do her jobs and she will have the choice to work. But she only gets paid if she works.

Of course, she also has chores and these are things that we expect and require of her because she is a part of the family. These she doesn't get paid for and can receive consequences for not doing them. Her only consequence for not doing her paid jobs is she doesn't get paid.

So far it's working great. I know it's all still new and maybe it will be different when the newness wears off, but she is getting the concept and we try to make a big deal out of her 'hard work' and 'earning money.' I'm hoping that starting out young will help instill long term good money habits in her and the boys when they are old enough.

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Kristy said...

Love the idea! I hope it works out! :)


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