Saturday, July 14

Eli {5 months}

I am falling behind and I'm not about to let another month pass by and not post an update!

A lot has changed with our sweet 'little' guy!! i use the term 'little' very loosely, he is currently 18 lbs!! {Just for reference, Caleb is barely tipping the scales at 21 lbs!}

Mommy gets a work out every day while I haul you around on my hip! I love your snuggly rolls and your soft skin. You are irresistible to cuddle and kiss on. You are wearing 6-12 month clothes and as size 4 diaper {same as your 'big' brother!}

You are still nursing like a champ and refuse to take a bottle or a pacifier. You are taking naps in the swing and sleeping in our room, either with us or in your pack-n-play {usually both through out the night}.

You are entertained by your big siblings and want to watch them when they are around. You want to be sitting up and fuss if I lay you down. I'm excited for you to be able to sit up so you can watch them! I don't think it will be much longer for that. :)

You also ROLL OVER as soon as I lay you on your back! That was a milestone you started on your 5 month anniversary!! And just a few days later you rolled back on to your back. So un-officially you are mobile. And that poses a bit of challenge. I can't put you up on the couch or ottoman anymore, but leaving you on the floor leaves you at easy access to an eager older brother who would do just about anything to you, in the name of love, of course! He can.not wait for your to be able to play and interact with him!!

First time swimming!

I think you have nearly out grown your swing, you fuss and hold your head up when we put you in there. Awake, that is. You still take naps during the day in there.

We haven't started you on food yet, but I'm thinking we are going to have to pretty soon. If I'm holding you while I eat you are trying to pull my arm to bring my food to your mouth instead of mine. When I don't give in to your demand suggestion you start fussing and getting irritated. You just stare at my food and hold you mouth open! Like a little baby bird. :)

You are following in your older brother's footsteps as a 'mama's boy' and prefer to be in mama's arms or in a carrier while I'm around the house and getting stuff done. Sometimes I complain but I try to be quick to remember that I'm enjoying these precious days while I can. Some day my sweet littles won't be tugging at my pant leg to be held and I'm going to miss this stage of life.

I am smittenly in love with my littlest little and I wonder each day about the person God has created you to be! I love you, Eli!!

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