Monday, July 16

Our 'little' Artist

Wow! Has the last 6 months with our almost-three-year-old been challenging or what?!

Brandon and I are growing so much, as parents and as children of God! He is pruning us so that we can train our very independent, confident and smart child. I am so grateful that we have the Bible and godly counsel through books and friends to help direct us in how to train our littles in obedience unto the Lord!

With out it I know we would be lost. The information about parenting and raising kids is so overwhelming and most of all conflicting and confusing. It seems like every where I look, read or listen I hear complete opposite 'opinions' on how to best raise children.

But the Bible is solid. It's been around a very long time and it hasn't changed. Ever. I am so thankful.

Besides being in the Word myself each and everyday, growing and gleaning from the only true source of life, I have been reading an excellent book on obedience training in a biblical way. I have learned so much about obedience to the Lord and also how to train my kids in obedience! It's called 'Raising Godly Tomatoes' and you can check it out on Elizabeth's blog {and read it there for free!}


On a lighter note, I thought I would share a funny story about the aforementioned toddler, my sweet Evalyn...

It was nap time a couple weeks ago and my oldest actually sleeps much less often during 'nap-time' these days. We usually let her have 3 books in bed with her, but if she is too loud she loses the books. And if she gets out of bed she gets a spanking.

This particular day she was doing really well with staying quiet, even though I knew she wasn't asleep. I should have known better, but when Brandon went up stairs to get ready for work, it was just a few minutes when I heard crying and went up to find out what was wrong.

Thats when I found Brandon taking Evalyn in to the bathroom because she had been caught and was in trouble. I smelled it almost instantly, that unmistakable smell of nail polish. I looked down to see my sea green polish all over her toes and legs and about half of one hand... I had to stifle a laugh. It was pretty cute. {I had left the polish up on her dresser by accident and they little stinker had used her ottoman for her chair to step up and reach it.}

That's when Brandon told me that it was on her sheets and on the floor... He worked on cleaning the mess in her room while I worked on cleaning up our little princess. As I scrubbed the polish off of her I couldn't help but picture her sitting in her room, thinking she was doing such a good job and thinking she  was being so careful {even though it was quite the opposite}. I desperately wanted to take a picture to remember and show her one day when she grew up, so we could laugh together about it. But I restrained because I knew if I did that it would negate any discipline that I needed to do and she would think what she did was ok. And it was not.

She lost the privilege to wear 'piggy pank' as we call it in our house {Piggy Paint} until further notice. And I took a picture of the 'mess' that was left on the floor instead... When she wasn't around, of course. :)

And on the same note, here is a picture of her painting project when she was supposed to be painting the driveway {with water color} while daddy was painting some shelves in the garage...

She was so proud. :) At least it was easy to wash off!

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