Monday, July 30

Caleb {21 Months}

Happy 21 months... 16 days late!

  • Your favorite book / song right now is "Baby Beluga" and it's my favorite to hear you randomly start singing the song {check out the video below to see for yourself!}
  • You LOVE avocado!! Daddy and I have to have a code word for it because if you hear us say it you are begging us to give you some! You have been known to eat a half all by yourself. 
  • You had your first Parent and Tot swim lesson last week several weeks ago and you really enjoyed being in the water with Daddy. I hope you grow to love the water like your sister does. 
  • You are mostly using 5-6 word sentences, sometimes even longer! An example of a sentence you would say is: "Can I have my truck back, please"and it's crystal clear! I forget sometimes that you aren't even 2 yet!

  • Some things you can be heard saying these days: "That's what happens," "Want hug," "Use big girl words, Evie" 
  • We are working on talking and acting 'loving' to one another. {Our next memory verse is going to have to do with this too!} And you can be heard saying things like "It's NOT funny, Evie!" in a very upset voice. When I remind you to talk loving you will say "Please, not funny, Evie" in the sweetest voice that you can manage. 
  • You are still our sensitive and emotional one. We were at a play group and another little girl started going through our diaper bag and you burst in to tears and said, "That's mommy's bag!" over and over again. You will do that if anyone out side our family touches anything that belongs to someone in our family.

  • You get very emotional at the drop of a hat. It's quite challenging for me and daddy these days. But we are working on keeping our emotions under control. As much as a one year old can do.
  • We are going to start potty training you in the next week or two! You tell us that you have to go potty and when you have a dirty diaper. In fact you have even started crying when you poop and want to be changed right away.
  • You love trucks, animals, sticks, balls and I love watching you do your toddler run or try to jump.

  • You want to {and try to} do everything that your big sissy does. She is your best friend and you are sad and lonely when she isn't around.
  • You can count to 3 and sing your ABC's, almost anyway.
  • You are wearing size 4 diaper, size 18/24 month clothes, and size 5 shoes.

I love your age and how fun you are right now! Watching you grow is so fun and I can't tell you how much joy you bring to our family. We love you, Caleb Brandon.

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