Friday, July 13

Cow Appreciation Day!

"Will dress like a cow for free food!"

And that is exactly what we did for lunch today! All 5 of us. :) It was a blast and totally worth it. We are Chick-fil-a fans at our house. I think Evalyn thinks that is the only restaurant the exists. When ever we say we are going to go out to eat she automatically assumes Chick-fil-a, or as Caleb puts it "Chicken and fries, mama!"

And they are probably right, but as any parent knows what a huge task it is to go out to eat with 3 littles {or any number!} is no easy task! Chick-fil-a makes it easy and enjoyable. We love their food and the service. :)

Two of my cows {the third slept through the whole thing, but he was dressed the part too!}:

And with the Chick-fil-a cow... Caleb just stared at him and said "Hi cow!" about 2,396 times!

Since the kids don't have black shoes I just put some black fabric over their shoes to look like hooves! Everything we wore we already had so it was 100% free, even dessert!!

I love that they are saying 'Mooo' :)

My sweet and sassy cow!   

 Can't wait until the next appreciation day!!

1 comment:

Christene Mallory said...

How creative on the outfits! We have a little stuffed Chick-fil-a cow that was being handed out after a race and my LO {at 16 months} loves it and named it Moo. 


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