Tuesday, July 13

Getting back to the every days

Last week we were getting back to the usual everyday life of being home. Our vacation was wonderful and we throughly enjoyed it!

It's always nice to get home after a long vacation too. Especially this time. We had our house painted while we were away! {Actually we had our house started last fall but after a few technical difficulties and a winter season, we had to push it off.} We decided to go with a different painter and Stud Muffin worked something out with a guy he works with. He gave us a great deal and is donating the profits to a charity ice hockey tournament that Stud Muffin is playing in this weekend.

{The same tournament that I was at watching him play last year when I started early labor. He didn't get to play the second day of games because we were at the hospital waiting for E to be born! She was born just half way through a game he would have been playing in!}

Any way, the house was supposed  to be painted the weekend before we went on vacation, but due to weather we were postponed again! Stud Muffin and I were both worried we come home from vacation to find it still unpainted...

You can see in this picture that it had been started to be primed, and it sat that way all through winter and spring...


The color is a little brighter than I was picturing but he did an excellent job and we are very happy with it! Now we can get to work on trimming back the landscaping... thats for another day!

So, back to last week...

It actually wasn't too eventful. Just settling back into being home. We had our Fruitful Heritage group from church, which is open to all new and expecting mamas! Another day I took Little Lady to the Children's Museum, she loved that! She's so social and loves going up to the other little kiddos and says "Hi" in an over enthusiastic voice. They usually just stare at her. It's really the cutest thing ever!

The weekend was quite uneventful as Stud Muffin and I both had to work.

But this week, I have a list to tackle as we get ready for party guests at the house to celebrate Little Lady's FIRST birthday on Sunday! Nana will be here on Friday and we will be busy on Saturday baking and preparing. Saturday night is Little Lady's baby dedication and then Sunday we will be partying!!

On that note, I better get to work!

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