Tuesday, July 20

My 1 year old

To my dearest and sweetest little girl,

You are growing and growing right before my eyes, but that hasn't seemed to change since the day you were born!

I am falling more in love {which I never dreamed could be possible!} with your adorable little personality every single moment I'm with you.

Your curiosity seems to grow with your height and your love of people is become more and more prominent. When ever I take you to the park or out and about you love to say "Hi" to everyone and aren't afraid to walk right up to them. No one is a stranger to you. As much as I love how outgoing you are, we will be learning how to take caution with people we don't know, but I want to be careful not to frighten your desire to be around people out of you either. It's how God made you and it's wonderful!

You walk everywhere and you talk all the time.
You still love flowers, dirt, plants and trees.
I think you would stay out side all day long if you possibly could!
We have both enjoyed these summer months of being able to get out and enjoy the outdoors together.

You are becoming more and more independent.
Once we show you how to do something you are determined to do it yourself.
You love to imitate what we do or say. Even things we don't really want you to imitate...

You are such a ham and you love to entertain us.
If you do something that gets a reaction out of us, you will repeat it over and over again!
Mostly facial expressions. You have SO many :D

You love to dance to music. Any music.
If you hear music playing, even if it's a toy making the noise,
you stop what you are doing so you can move your arms and feet!

You are already starting to say "words".
They don't always sound like the word you are intending, but you know what you mean.
I'm beginning to figure it out.

Words you say:
Baba {bottle}
Lu {balloon}

You love your stuffed animals.
I mean really love them.
You will pick them up and hug them and then carry them with you where ever you go.
No matter what you are doing or if you are upset about something,
if we bring you one of your stuffed animals, you light up!
You don't have a favorite one yet. You just love them all!

Most nights you wake up once, sometimes twice.
A lot of times you get yourself back to sleep with in minutes.
Other times I come in to calm you down {if you wake up crying}
 and help soothe you back to sleep.
You are still taking a morning and an afternoon nap,
but I think that may be changing in the near future.

You love to eat and you will eat just about what ever I give you.
You prefer to feed yourself finger foods rather than being spoon fed.
You still love fruit. Especially lemons or any citrusy foods.

This first year has gone by fast, as I'm sure they all will.
I've enjoyed every single minute of it. Even the moments I didn't enjoy at the time.
You have changed my life. Forever.
And for that I can never be thankful enough.
God truly knew how to bless me and make my life fuller when He gave me you.

I love you with all of my heart, sweetheart.

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