Monday, July 5

Vacation: The Weekend

We went to Sea World! I think we were there 5-6 hrs. Little Lady did outstanding. She even sat through a couple shows! Ok, so she actually got her nap through one of them. :)

It was a great experience though and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Watching the dolphins while they swam underwater. 

Playing with Opa {my dad} while we waited for the show to start.

Probably my favorite show of the whole park, Shamu!

Truly amazing creatures!

Playing with Oma.

The guys had another fun day of SCUBA diving off of Catalina Island. They have a dive park there that is set up and blocked off specifically for divers to enjoy! I heard stories of huge crab and lobster, they really enjoyed the day.

So that left the girls to fend for ourselves! 

We first went to the children's museum, Pennypickle's Workshop. It was such a neat little place!

It was set up as a professor/scientist's house with quite a few different rooms. It was as if he had conducted all these experiments and left notes written on the walls for the kids to try them out as well. 

She loved this piano! It was wired to other instruments that would play when certain keys on the piano where hit.

If she were a little bit older she probably would have gotten more out of it, but there where buttons and switches and gadgets all over the place. Plus there wasn't anything in there she couldn't safely touch! 

Here she is dancing to some music.

She fell in LOVE with this jukebox! With the colors and the bubbles going up the side, and of course the music!

A hot air balloon basket that you could get in a play around.

And after all that hard work play, we were ready for lunch!!

Our 4th of July was relaxing and I wouldn't have it any other way! It was a great way to have to end our lovely vacation.

We woke up late, even Little Lady, and then headed out to Ihop from some breakfast! Yum. Little Lady is so social and loves to yell "HI" at every person that walks by and if anyone will stop and give her some attention, well they are her new BFF!! She isn't shy. At all.

After a delicious late breakfast and an afternoon nap we headed to the club house for some fun in the sun! I was surprised that it was pretty bare from being a holiday, and a warm sunny one at that. But we weren't complaining to have the spray park all to ourselves again. :D

Daddy enjoyed making his own splash going down the slides at the pool!

After drying off we started the grill and enjoyed a delicious summer dinner of beer brats, potato salad, beans, grilled corn-on-the-cob and ice cream for dessert! Yummy in my tummy :D

Thank you Opa and Oma for the wonderful vacation and visit! We enjoyed our time as a family and getting to spend time with you! We look forward to the next visit with great anticipation. Much love.


dad/Opa said...

It is us who thanks you for coming out to visit. It was one of our best weeks ever! Love you all so much, and really, really miss you.

dad/Opa said...

It is us who thanks you for coming out to visit. It was one of our best weeks ever! Love you all so much, and really, really miss you.


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