Monday, July 19

Happy Birthday, Little Lady!

That's exactly what it was, a happy day. We had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating our baby girl's first year of life!

I would say that the birthday party was a huge success! We did an open house style so people would feel free to come and go as they could. We loved seeing everyone that was able to make it and we missed all of those who weren't able to.

{The girl LOVES lemons! And I know they aren't good for her teeth, we limit them. But it was her birthday!!}

My mom and I spent the day before baking and getting prepared for the party. I think the decorations, cake and party favors turned out darling! Stud Muffin did a wonderful job helping with the decorations and taking pictures to capture our day.

{The party favors were sugar cookies on a stick! They turned out so cute :D}

Little Lady soaked up the attention like a champ. She truly is a people person and loves to be where the people are, see what they are doing and even just chat and give hugs. It was so cute to watch her make the rounds and tell all of her guests "HI!" with her big cheesy grin, often to be followed by a big hug and snuggle!

{The sign on our front door}

She did great opening and even sharing her gifts with her friend, Baby E! I was really impressed and love to see her generous heart at such a young age. I hope I can help encourage and teach her to be generous with her things, all the blessing that she's been give from God.

{She had just finished playing peek-a-boo with the bag}

Stud Muffin worked on and perfected a video mixed with slideshows to music and home videos of Little Lady's first year. It happens to be an hour long! I think I'll post it and anyone who wants to watch can, if you don't want to that's fine too! But it is adorable and really doesn't feel like an hour as it keeps you entertained.

After gift opening we moved right along to the cake festivities as Little Lady was fading fast at that point.

Nana made her a strawberry cake with pink frosting! I think she really enjoyed it but kept looking at her observers like "Why is everyone looking at me?" She was pretty cute, as always! Then it was time for a quick bath...

Not too long after that Little Lady made a crash landing and went to bed for two hours!! When she woke up we had a BBQ dinner with family before we were back to a near empty house again.

She ended up staying up until 9p before she slept the whole night through til 7a!!! {Yay, sleep for mama too!!}

We had a wonderful day and plan to spend today just resting and enjoying Nana's visit. :D

Here are some more wonderful pictures from the party:

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