Friday, February 25

All that matters.

My sewing machine is 'sick' and I'm having it repaired at the moment. And it would be perfect timing... But not really. It's never perfect timing to be without my machine for two weeks. :( I have some fabric that I'm so excited to turn in to cute sting and summer dresses. For Little lady, of course, and also for my shop! My Etsy shop that is.

You can find it here. There is also a link in the sidebar to the left.

I love to sew and I love to crochet. I find that both are a great creative outlet for me and I have fun making things that I or my family can use and then some! So I figure I can sell them.

I'm still learning and have a long way to go to be any kind of expert, but I love learning! I really hope that Little lady will want to learn to sew. {I won't throw a tantrum, beg her to give a try, make her if she doesn't want to.} But I hope she'll want to learn. It's kind of a lost art. But it's coming back!

And I can't wait to get my machine back. God probably knew that I needed a break, to keep my priorities straight, which is time in the Word before time on my hobbies. Although, I do enjoy listening to podcasts of messages given by Calvary pastors while I'm working on crafts. But the precept study I'm doing requires a lot of actual study time. That can be difficult with littles and my only opportunity most days is 5 min here or 5 min there. But that too is a 'God thing'. It keeps me from building my head knowledge and gives me extra time to let the Holy Spirit transform my heart. And I need my heart transformed.

Not only is this Bible study pulling more of my free time {thank you Jesus!} but I'm excited to be in the last month count down of my 'little sister' and best friend's wedding!! I can't believe it's less than 5 weeks away!! Needless to say, the days are getting busier as we approach the big day! And I'm having a blast doing all the matron of honor task {not to mention the 'big sister' duties!}

So while my project list grows, as does my must-read book list... and my wedding prep to do list, my prayer is that God will interrupt 'my plans' and keep me focused on what really matters. That He is on the throne, He is worthy of all praise, and our time left on this earth is short. And my main purpose is for His Kingdom. And nothing else on this earth matters.


Jaclyn said...

Amen, sister! :-)

Jaclyn said...

Amen, sister! :-)


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