Saturday, February 5

Scribbles in the night

We've had an interesting week... Yeah we'll go with that.

Slightly last minute hubby had an opportunity to go on a beneficial trip for work. And I decided to make the 7 hour drive to visit my mama while he was gone.

It gets overwhelming taking care of the littles by myself for that long, especially without a break or hubby's help!

Unfortunately it was less of a vacation type trip and more of a survival type trip. Not only was Little lady sick with a fever, cough and congestion but so was Nana. And with the winter storm that struck a lot of the country we were left with no choice but to hole up for most of the week. 

That was difficult for me because I like to get out of the house, at the very least, once every other day. And so does my daughter. As soon as any one mentions going somewhere the girl is putting on her shoes and headed for the door saying "I go!"

It doesn't have to be any where special, even a little ride in the car has served it's purpose from time to time. 

But it is winter time and we do live in a cold climate. Since sickies and cold air don't mix, I'm afraid we'll be finding ourselves cooped up often. Such is life.

Besides the restless day times, Little Lady has been getting a little better at night time and with naps. Far less screaming and pleading to stay up. But two nights ago she woke up hysterically bawling at 2:30 am. She wouldn't even remotely settle down until we left the room she had been sleeping in and she wouldn't let me put her down for anything.

At my moms, she slept in one room and Little Dude slept with me in another room. Since he still wakes in the night to eat and the three of us in the bed would have been a mess, my mom took her and slept with her in the lazy boy in the living room.

I'm not sure what is was, a nightmare or a shadow. Since she won't/can't tell us what it is, it makes it difficult to figure out how to handle it.

Except pray. I can't help but believe it is spiritual warfare. And I hate it. I hate seeing my baby afraid and not know what to do about it. I know God has us in His hands and He can and will protect us. He loves us, much more than I could ever love my children!

He gives me peace when I am unsettled and He gives me strength when I am oh so very weak. But it's His strength, not my own and it's for His glory. For which I am so grateful.

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